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I recommend this procedure to any other healthcare professional!

Life after my LASEK surgery has been amazing. Dr. Chynn and his team of associates walked me through my LASEK procedure every step of the way! With their guidance, I knew my procedure would be safe since I was well informed. They’re the only office that creates a WhatsApp group after your procedure to answer any of your questions. I am seeing 20/15 in each eye now and that’s even better than I was looking for! Dr. Chynn is one of a kind and this was a life changing experience. I recommend this procedure to any other healthcare professional.

- Shawn W.

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    Unsure whether you're a good candidate because of a lot of astigmatism? Large pupils? Dry eyes? Maybe you were rejected by LASIK surgeons due to a “thin cornea” or high prescription.

    Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to find out if LASEK is an option for you from Dr. Chynn, our famous, cornea fellowship-trained, Columbia & Harvard graduate who’s in MENSA & was the 1st eye surgeon in NY, NJ, CT & PA to get LASIK, & has performed 1,000 PRKs, 5,000 LASIKs, 10,000 LASEKs, and 5,000 epiLASEKs

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