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Find out why Park Avenue LASEK is the best choice for your vision!

Completely painless!

I had the procedure done a week ago and I can honestly say it was completely painless! Jane prepped me before and answered any questions I had and made sure to calm my nerves. Dr. Chynn is very knowledgeable, confident and available. The entire team was quick to reply to any texts/calls I made (at all hours) to answer all my questions during my first week of recovery. Other than a little bit of dryness, my eyes feel fantastic so far! I’m going in now for my first follow up visit to see my progress. I highly recommend the procedure at Park Avenue LASEK!

- Sabrina D.

Fabulous office! 

I had LASEK by Dr. Chynn over a decade ago and have fantastic vision. Dr. Chynn’s attention to detail, as well as his exceptional ability to offer the latest cutting edge technology enabled me to see a brand new world without the irritation from contact lens or the inconvenience of eye glasses. Moreover, I really appreciate his patience and attitude of always going above and beyond to ensure that not only do I have the perfect vision, but also impeccable services. Thanks a million for all of your help, as well as your excellent staff team to ensure a five star Ritz Carlton style service in your fabulous office!

- Mavis Y.

Solve my vision problems!

Dr. Chynn and was the doctor to solve my vision problems! I can’t be more grateful. I have searched for YEARS to find a doctor who could address my vision concerns. While my prescription wasn’t terrible, I had some abnormalities that other doctors were uncomfortable addressing. RK and Lasik were not good solutions for me, but LASEK solved my problems. Dr. Chynn is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, very professional, and wants nothing by the best results for his patients. He has taken the time and effort to address every facet of your procedure and constantly looks to further refine what is already a good solution for laser correction eye surgery. The surgery was painless, recovery has been smooth, and I couldn’t be happier that I can wake up every day and see without having to fumble around for my glasses that I can’t seem find. I can wear sunglasses without having to get them at the eye doctor. I can wear normal safety glasses when I’m working on things when I need eye protection. I can go diving without having to accommodate prescription glasses. I can drive day or night, no lens flare during night driving. I CAN SEE for the first time in 40 years, unaided.

- Travis V.

The most experienced eye guy in the world!

If you care about your eyes, come see Dr Chynn. I really appreciate his high attention to every detail involved throughout my experience. It’s my eyes we’re dealing with after all and I couldnt have been in better hands than dr chynn’s. He’s so thorough, he taught me so much just during my visit. I came in after having some inflammation in my eye and there was clearly no other place I would have ever thought about going to than the most experienced eye guy in the world. I called the office before coming and was ectastic to hear that even the most high end clinic with the best dr, accepted my insurance, so it was an obvious no brainer to go to Dr. Chynn vs anywhere else

- Sandra N.

Great experience!

I got Lasek surgery here. The surgery was painless and perfectly executed. My vision is now at least as good as it was with contacts prior to surgery, 20/20. I am very satisfied with the results of the operation and the price of the procedure. Recovery was as expected, medications were thoroughly explained and delivered to me through Capsule with no pharmacy visits for me (huge benefit), and communication was made easy with WhatsApp. Dr. Chynn is very honest and ensures that his patients are thoroughly prepared and understand their procedure and the recovery process.

He utilizes his business degree to provide great deals to the patient and create a culture of constant improvement and feedback in the office. Potential patients should plan to spend a few hours in the office when you visit, because there is usually some wait time as the doctors take time to discuss thoroughly with each patient.

My one suggestion for Dr. Chynn is to continue to work on how he delivers feedback to his fellows and office employees, perhaps privately or framed positively so the patient feels comfortable observing that interaction. That being said, I did see Doctor/employee relationships improve over the course of my visits to the office, so I do see that Dr. Chynn himself is receptive to feedback. Overall great experience and would recommend to anyone considering laser eye surgery!

- Leah R.

I really appreciate his high attention!

If you care about your eyes, come see Dr Chynn. I really appreciate his high attention to every detail involved throughout my experience. It’s my eyes we’re dealing with after all and I couldnt have been in better hands than dr chynn’s. He’s so thorough, he taught me so much just during my visit. I came in after having some inflammation in my eye and there was clearly no other place I would have ever thought about going to than the most experienced eye guy in the world. I called the office before coming and was ectastic to hear that even the most high end clinic with the best dr, accepted my insurance, so it was an obvious no brainer to go to Dr. Chynn vs anywhere else.

- Seam S.

I really recommend to all!

It has been a really pleasant experience to me. My vision is perfect now and I felt really accompanied all the steps. I will miss all the team! About Doctor Chynn – I have to say that is not easy to find nowadays someone that really likes and has passion for his job. I have learned a lot throughout all the process. I really recommend to all who need to get rid of glasses to meet this awesome doctor!

- Tecla P.

I would recommend Park Avenue LASEK!

Before getting LASEK surgery, I was seeing 20/200, and hating every second of glasses and contacts. Then, I heard about LASEK. I went for a consultation and almost chickened out when I realized I would be awake during the surgery, but Dr. Chynn’s incredible staff were so encouraging every step of the way, and I went for it.

Not only was the surgery nothing to worry about (seriously, don’t let that stop you), I’m now seeing 20/15! I did have a bit of a hard time getting back to work that first week, but the staff was available 24/7 to answer my countless annoying questions.

Now, I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would recommend Park Avenue LASEK to anyone I saw still dealing with glasses and contacts! If you’re on the fence, just do it!

- Jaclyn Y.

A good candidate!

I’ve wanted to have eye surgery since I was a teenager but my eyes used to dry out and I was later told that made me ineligible for LASIK. However, a coworker of mine had LASEK with Dr. Chynn and she recommended him. Since the first visit, I was excited to find out that I was, in fact, eligible and a good candidate.

Less than a month later I was having my LASEK surgery and not only do I now have perfect vision but my eyes no longer get dry especially in the spring and summer.

I would recommend Park Avenue LASEK to anyone especially those told they could not have traditional LASIK.

- Diser A.

He was great!

Dr. Chynn is the type of doctor one wishes was one’s doctor for everything, not just one’s eyes – extraordinarily competent, compassionate, innovative, and thoughtful, as well as being a quality individual. I visited him for my general ophthalmology needs and he was great.

I also witnessed patients there for his LASEK procedure, both before and after patients and noted a high level of satisfaction among them as well. I encourage folks to visit Dr. Chynn for their eyecare needs.

- Jim S.

Doctor Chynn is an amazing and experienced doctor!

Doctor Chynn is an amazing and experienced doctor. I trusted him with my only pair of eyes. His staff is very welcoming and exceptionally caring. I would highly recommend people go and get LASEK from Doctor Chynn.

- Dennis F.

Great experience!

Great experience! They were always available and helpful. They explained things to me and gave me plenty of attention. Overall they reminded of what customer service truly means.

- Jonathan T.

I am super happy!

Dr. Chynn was such a pleasure to work with. It was the best decision I have ever made. I am super happy! Furthermore, the office is super professional and they truly help you through everything. Excellent experience by an awesome staff!

- Stella B.

A friendly nature.

My LASEK was done in 2013 , I had been wearing glasses since the age of 6. At the age of 47 giving bifocals for a year and having daily headaches, I took the step to have LASEK I first went to the largest medical institution that I work for had endless evaluations with different outcomes of Yes then No then Maybe – I said I wouldn’t trust you to do much I finally did my research and found Dr. Chynn and how much corrective LASEK surgery he did! I went in for an evaluation he described in detail why I was a good candidate for LASEK and figured out that the last doctor I saw had a new topography machine that wasn’t calibrated correctly.

He took the time to review my results. The office is run like a well oiled machine with a friendly nature. If you have any issue post surgery they tell you to come ASAP and them make the time. I have recommended many friends to Dr. Chynn I was spending about 4-5k a year on glasses I haven’t even needed reading glasses since.

- Mark M.

All contact was professional and friendly!

It’s simple, based on recommendation and then research on Dr. Chynn, decided to do the LASEK procedure with him. All contact was professional and friendly. Each step of the way in the evaluation process through the actual procedure was smooth, fully explained and felt confident all along the way. Having worn glasses for 50 years for reading, distance, and having astigmatism and sitting up from the procedure and reading fine print with total clarity was an amazing experience. So glad I did it, have enjoyed not wearing glasses for over a year now and reading anything with total clarity!

- Marty E.

I am the healthiest and happiest woman!

Dr. Chynn has saved my eyes and my life. Due to my bad vision I had a very low self-esteem. As a ballet dancer I had to wear glasses for practice and wore nothing going on a stage, back in 90s contacts were not available in Eastern Europe. After I had arrived in States in 2010, I was very determined to fix my eyes. I was -10, also I had a lazy eye , astigmatism and some weird problem with my retina. Needles to say my mental state was horrible and I was quite depressed.

I saw couple doctors in Manhattan and each time heard how, “nothing we can do; your vision is pretty bad, we would have to do 4(!!!!) stages procedure.” I was fortunate not to receive 10k from Bank for financing the surgery. I put my problem on hold . One day after work , I accidentally have walked in Park Avenue LASEK center , saw a big poster outside with a doggy, as a pup lover I could not to stop. Anyways, 5 years later I am the healthiest and happiest woman! My eyes are 20/20. I drive without any glasses or contacts.

I completely forgot how miserable it used to be always worrying for my contacts and thinking that one day I would go blind. Dr. Chynn did a non cut procedure that literally lasted 15 min for both eyes !!!!!!) My mom came from Europe to take care of me after the procedure. Guys. It was one time procedure, not like I was diagnosed by other doctors where they have told me it would be 4 surgeries) and I have paid 3k on that time, which was 7k less that was estimated in other Laser centers.

- Tanya A.

My parents got me the best graduation gift ever!

My parents got me the best graduation gift ever, LASEK at Park Avenue LASEK. If only they had set me up much sooner, I would have thrown my glasses away a while ago. My parents are both doctors and they decided to choose Dr Chynn over anyone else because of his reputation/background. My dad had the older LASIK procedure a few years back and he now wishes he had done Dr Chynn’s LASEK after my perfect results.

LASIK gave my dad annoying night glares and weird halos that he’s always complaining about especially when driving at night so I was a little bit skeptical about going under the laser. But as a researcher who spends ALL their time reading tiny fonts and typing on the computer, I got sick of my glasses and needed to get rid of them before starting grad school.

I don’t see why anyone would get LASIK anymore, my dad said, and set me up with LASEK instead (thanks dad). I can literally see better than I’ve ever seen before in my glasses, I hated wearing contacts because my eyes are especially sensitive. I’d give my entire experience a 10/10, the results were much better than I thought possible.

- Saranaya R.

Dr. Chynn is very informative!

I had LASEK surgery in April 2018 and can now see better than 20/20! I had worn corrective lenses for nearly 20 years so the outcome is beyond thrilling! I am so pleased with the service I received at Park Avenue LASEK! Dr. Chynn is very informative and walked me through the procedure with incredible detail that addressed my questions and concerns.

His medical staff provided a very personalized, high-touch experience and I felt very comfortable during each visit. The office even has a friendly Russian Borzoi dog who acts as a perfect therapeutic distraction and makes the office feel more inviting. I would recommend the procedure and choose Park Avenue LASEK.

- Matt A.

Thanks Dr. C and staff for great results!

Allmost legally blind, so I two other supposedly qualified Manhattan LASIK ophthalmologist surgeons told me that my eyes could not corrected using this procedure. Decided that I would call one last office before totally giving up. Am I ever glad that I did because I now see almost perfectly and certainly better than before LASIK even using my special prescribed tri-focal lens eyeglasses.

Thanks Dr. C and staff for great results that have remained so now that I am approaching 1 year anniversary of your miracle work helping me. One suggestion for would be to open a Beverly Hills satellite office so that I could come by to visit and meet some movie stars at same time. Now that I’m no longer wearing my ugly spectacles, I think I can score a date with one of those fine California babes.

- Ira M.


I had my laser eye surgery done at Park Avenue LASEK surgery around 2010 after having met Dr. Chynn at a Columbia University alumni event. I had previously thought about having it but did not do so because of fears that afterwards my eyes would be dry and need drops periodically for the rest of my life. I also had friends who had undergone LASIK explain that after several years they needed to either get corrective glasses or have the surgery redone to achieve optimum vision. He assured me that because he used an advanced laser and his improved LASEK procedure did not cut the nerves and ducts involved in the delivery of tears to the eyes as routinely done with regular LASIK, I would not experience any of these problems.

He further assured me that he had done thousands of this advanced LASEK laser surgery that he termed LASEK because there was no cutting of any area of the eye with a scalpel as required in traditional LASIK surgery. Thus based on my being very nearsighted at 20/200 and having so much difficulty with the bifocals that I was then using because I had blurred vision when trying to see items at a distance of greater than 20 feet or so, I felt reassured by him and went for my initial examination. I appreciated that Dr. Chynn had several other ophthalmologists on his staff who checked my eyes twice before I got the surgery to make all of the measurements and otherwise examine my eyes before the actual day of my surgery.

Dr. Chynn explained to me that since I was having trouble using bifocals, he would adjust my left eye as the dominant one for reading and the right eye as dominant for seeing items at a distance but they would still work together. After the surgery and a short 2 day recovery to allow my vision to become optimized and my eyes to heal, I returned once again to his office to have the bandages covering my eyes removed. I was truly overwhelmed by having close to 20/20 vision for both reading and distance viewing just as he had promised. Being over 60 years old at that time and due to astigmatism, this was as good as could be achieved. It took a few days for me to get used to my left eye being predominant for reading and my right eye for distance; however, because both of my eyes are involved in everything that I see, my brain soon digested everything as before when both eyes worked equally although not very well. Consequently I soon realized that Dr. Chynn’s results were nothing less than outstanding.

I appreciate that Park Ave. LASEK has stayed in touch with me and sees me regularly to check that my vision is as good as it was immediately after my surgery and to do a regular check-up for any sign of cataracts or glaucoma. Over eight years later, I still see nearly 20/20 and don’t have any problems with my vision. I feel certain that so long as I follow his advice and keep using sunglasses when outside that I will continue to have the same great results that I achieved immediately after having the surgery. THANK YOU DR. CHYNN AND YOUR STAFF!!! You all deserve 10 stars but Yelp limits me to 5, as its best rating. Having LASEK surgery done is a life changer in a marvelous way.

- Ira M.

Dr. Chynn, Has been an extremely caring physician in my experience!

Dr. Chynn, Has been an extremely caring physician in my experience. Only just recently, Dr. Chynn took the the time on a Sunday evening while dining with his family, to give both me and my brother who lives in another state input and help viz. my brother’s situation. Dr. Chynn provided us with an excellent referral for a colleague of his in SFO whose highly regarded. The several office visits that I’ve had in the past – Dr. Chynn has been most attentive, and clearly is highly qualified experience and knowledgeable. Exceptionally so. The office can be lively, however that in no way reflects on the excellence of the medical services provided.

- Joan S.

Everything is going well!

I had my LASEK done around 2009 and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I’m not sure if anyone has changed since I’ve been there but I continue to recommend friends and family to Dr Chynn. I originally came here because I was tired of wearing glasses – I had bad vision and astigmatism. After coming for a consultation, you have to do a couple of more visits which are part of the cost that you pay, at the end of each visit, you’re given a quiz to make sure you know which medications you’ll have to take, how many, how often, and how many days. The day of the surgery, you come in a little early and are given Vicodin to ease your nerves – I didn’t take all of them and Dr Chynn wasn’t happy with the person who gave them to me; he complained that I should have taken them all anyway because I was blinking a lot during surgery. The actual surgery went great and didn’t take long at all – maybe a minute per eye? Before the surgery, he has you look outside of the window. At the end of the surgery, Dr Chynn has you close your eyes, walks you to the window, then has you open your eyes.

The process overall is great. I like that there are a few follow ups to make sure everything is going well. The only thing I wish was different is if someone explained the punctal plugs to me more. Years later, I was at an eye appointment (unrelated to my LASEK) and I was asked about my punctal plug – I didn’t know that I even had one still in so they doctor removed it.

- Kenneth T.

The surgeon and the staff are so professional!

I am a doctor my self (Internal Medicine Doctor) and my vision is basically everything in my life. I choosed Park Avenue LASEK because I want to do laser surgery in the safest way possible. Park Avenue LASEK is the only clinic in Ny that they do non cut laser correction. Today is almost one month and I see great .

The surgeon and the staff are so professional, they respond always and they place you on Whatsapp chat where you can reach them 24/7 in case of emergency. I choosed the Diamond Package with epi-Lasek, is the best type where there is absolutely no pain, just feeling uncomfortable only for the first 2 days. It’s almost one month and I believe I did the right choice.

- Maher T.

I am so happy with the results!

I got my surgery in the middle of November. I am so happy with the results! Right now my vision is better than 20/20. Dr. Chynn is great. He answers all questions. Just make sure you follow the instructions and you’ll be great! Thank you, Dr. Chynn!

- Svetlana B.

The house without glasses! 

As someone with -11 in vision, I was not qualified for LASIK at all doctors consulted. I was excited to have been refered to Park Avenue LASEK and Dr. Chynn, who had surgical experience with patients in the -20s. It’s only been one week post-op for me and still in recovery, but already getting excited over the fact of being able to navigate around the house without glasses!

- Xia Z.

Great results!

Great results! I was doubtful about getting LASEK Vs LASIK but I am so happy decided to go with LASEK. I can see as well as with contact less before, and my eyes are not dried at all. Post surgery recovery was a little slow (4-6 days) but it was totally worthy! Totally recommended!

- Jesus T.

Dr Chynn is the best!

I just finished my 9 year post op visit and I’m still 20/20! Dr Chynn is the best!!! I can remember the moment when Dr Chynn asked me to read the sign across the street and I could without any problem at all. This was the best money that I have ever spent in my life! The staff was and still is super great. DO IT with Dr. Chynn! You won’t regret it!

- Alisson J.

Thanks to everyone at Park Avenue LASEK

I chose Park Avenue LASEK since they are the ONLY ones who offered a completely NON-cutting procedure with an extremely successful track record. The fact that Dr Chynn helped invent LASEK when he was at Harvard comforted me and sealed the deal. The procedure itself was completely pain-free and now I’m seeing better than I’ve ever seen before even with contacts. In fact, I’m now seeing better than 20/20 thanks to everyone at Park Avenue LASEK.

- Sam T.

Every time it is fast and nice experience!

Dr. Chynn is my primary eye doctor. My vision was not that good since I was a 15 years old. In 2010 I had a LASEK surgery, and it helped a lot. Now I see very well. Since then I do regular checkups with Dr. Chynn. Every time it is fast and nice experience, don’t need to wait. Every time I need to do a checkup or have a question about my eyes I stop by Dr Chynn practice – and always have the best advice. I would recommend anyone thinking about laser vision correction to see Dr. Chynn.

- Oleg K.

Extremely pleased!

I had an eye corrective surgery in 2015. I couldn’t be happier with the results and recommended it to my wife who just completed the same procedure . We don’t wear glasses now and are extremely pleased with the professionalism of Dr. Chynn and his staff . All instructions and care were clearly spelled out and there was even a chat set up in WhatsApp in case of any questions or emergencies 24/7. Communication was smooth all the way through!

- Nikolay N.

This is one of the Top 10 Investments!

Park Avenue LASEK is the best place to have LASEK surgery. The Surgeon, Dr. Chynn is the best surgeon in the town. He earned his MD from Columbia Medical School and did his Residency at the best place for ophthalmology, Harvard’s Massachusetts Eye and Ear. The treatment is very thorough and very meticulous, Dr. Chynn expects you to do in detail every single instruction he put on the list. Please do carefully to get the best result.

I was rejected by many Doctors prior to coming to Dr. Chynn due to severe Astigmatism. When Dr. Chynn examined me, he promised that he can cure my severe Astigmatism. After the surgery, I attained even higher than 20/20 because I carefully did every single Instruction by Dr. Chynn. Park Avenue LASEK is indeed the best place to correct your vision. This is one of the Top 10 Investments that I ever done in my life. I really enjoy and would recommend anyone to Dr. Chynn. You can contact me if you have any doubts.

- Fernando A.

All the staff were amazing and engaging!

All the staff were amazing and engaging. It’s not often that you can seek any sort of medical treatment and not only get taken care of but find new friends. Dr. Chynn is a very knowledgeable and professional physician. He takes great care and pride in his work, and wants you, the patient, to be comfortable and informed. My procedure was very smooth and virtually painless. LASEK s a procedure that is not only one of the most advanced procedures, but also one of the safest procedures.

There’s no cutting, there’s no flap after surgery to worry about getting knocked loose. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, and then you can see. If you’ve ever thought of getting your eyes corrected, see Dr. Chynn. I was not a good candidate for the other available procedures, but Dr. Chynn was able to solve my problems!

- Aron V.

Very professional!

I had a good experience. everyone was great, very professional. Staff is committed to giving you your best vision.

- Alrick B.

He is smart and extremely well-educated!

Found Dr. Chynn through ZocDoc and was very satisfied with my appointment. He is smart and extremely well-educated; I think I counted 6 different college degrees from various institutions. Explains everything very clearly to patients – Lays out what your options are ranging from the most conservative to aggressive treatments. Very responsive communications via email – He was also nice enough to help me find a primary care physician because I just recently moved to NYC. I’ll be coming back for all my vision healthcare needs to Dr. Chynn.

- Danny S.

Thanks to the team! 

You need to do good things for yourself. Not wearing glasses is one of the best things I’ve done for my self. It’s been over two years and my vision is fantastic. I can read the paper in the morning and star gaze at night. I am 63 years young and not wearing glasses assist in keeping me youthful. Thanks to the team!

- John C.

Dr. Chynn is clearly a skilled professional!

Dr. Chynn is clearly a skilled professional who knows how to approach all issues pertaining to impaired vision. I had my procedure done about 4 years ago, and I am still seeing with clarity (20/15). He was able to achieve this despite my high prescription (-5.5) and thin corneas. My only real problem is occasional dryness, which can be annoyingly uncomfortable in the dry winter air. I went back to see Dr. Chynn for a checkup, during which he cauterized my tear ducts for the second time. This was extremely painful, but definitely helped to reduce the dryness.

- Donnie W.

Dr Chynn! Everything went very smoothly!

I want the best for my eyes so I went to the best there is and thats without a doubt, Dr Chynn! Everything went very smoothly and I couldn’t be happier.

- Semran T.

Thanks everyone at PAL for helping me getting rid of my glasses forever! 

I looked around for a the best vision correction option for me around NYC at a few centers and chose Park Avenue LASEK after doing some research and learning that LASEK is safer and overall might be a much better option than LASIK. I’m normally very anxious when it comes to any kind of medical procedure but was comforted during my first appointment with Dr Chynn when he answered all of my hundreds of questions.

I got my surgery a few weeks after my first appointment. Everything went smoothly and comfortably, I especially liked how Dr Dovzhuk and Dr Chynn explained every step of the process with a lot of attention and detail. Thanks everyone at PAL for helping me getting rid of my glasses forever!

- Rick S.

Great experience with staff at Park Avenue LASEK!

Great experience with staff at Park Avenue LASEK! I highly recommend this place! Dr. Chynn was very professional, and I’m very thankful for not wearing glasses anymore! Finally I see clearly, and with no pain! Thank you, thank you, thank you Doctor Chynn!

- Bojana T.

I recommend this procedure to any other healthcare professional!

Life after my LASEK surgery has been amazing. Dr. Chynn and his team of associates walked me through my LASEK procedure every step of the way! With their guidance, I knew my procedure would be safe since I was well informed. They’re the only office that creates a WhatsApp group after your procedure to answer any of your questions. I am seeing 20/15 in each eye now and that’s even better than I was looking for! Dr. Chynn is one of a kind and this was a life changing experience. I recommend this procedure to any other healthcare professional.

- Shawn W.

I am excited for my surgery!

Dr. Chynn and his staff are great! Dr. Chynn is very knowledgeable, and takes his time to explain everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible. LASEK was the best option for me, and I am excited for my surgery! I spoke with a few patients in his waiting room who were there for follow-ups, and they all are happy with their results.

- Corinne L.

I highly recommend Dr. Chynn and his office!

Dr. Chynn was amazing. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable with a warm personality. My examination was very thorough & he answered all of my questions & addressed all of my concerns. I never felt rushed & trusted that I was in good hands. I highly recommend Dr. Chynn and his office!

- Renee D.


Dr Chynn and the Park Avenue LASEK staff have to be easily the best trained out there in this line of work. I know, because before I had my LASEK, I was desperate to find a solution to getting rid of contacts and glasses that didn’t involve cutting from LASIK or pain and scarring from PRK. Out of every place I visited only Dr Chynn seemed the most knowledgeable and rightfully so, given his 5 Ivy League degrees and membership in MENSA.

His staff knows more and is better versed in not only his LASEK surgery but even the types of surgeries other doctors perform My LASEK was June 1st, 2012. Six years later and my vision is still better than 20/20. I’m actually 20/15 without any side effects and I could not be more grateful. You’d think you’d get used to having better than perfect vision but honestly, you don’t. Every now and then I have a moment where I’m impressed with how sharp something looks I sincerely wouldn’t look elsewhere for a better surgeon.

Dr Chynn can be brusque and at times curt. This stems from his perfectionist approach to everything in his life with exacting precision leading to optimal results for his patients. His no nonsense attitude ensures you get what you pay for. As a fellow New Yorker, I recognize and respect this approach in a world of wishy-washy types who just want to tell you what you want to hear. The truth is always going to be the truth and the safest option is always going to be LASEK GO GET THIS DONE AND STOP WASTING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS PER DECADE ON GLASSES AND CONTACTS. IT’LL BE THE BEST CHOICE YOU’VE EVER MADE!

- Tarek E.

I personally recomend him to my friends and family!

If not the top, at minimum one of the best surgeons in the US. Dr. Chynn does the latest and more importantly safer procedure for vision correction “LASEK”. I personally recomend him to my friends and family.

- Roman I.

I would recommend Park Avenue LASEK!

Park Avenue LASEK is the place to go for experience and care in regards to what is best for your eyes and vision. The step by step process before surgery is laid out before you and pretty straight forward. The surgery takes a very short while and was pain free. The recovery part is also straight forward. Administrating the medicinal drops when instructed and rest for a good three to four days was a breeze. We can back for the follow up appointments and was happy to find out that my vision went from 20/100-80 to an initial and stable 20/15. Overall I would recommend Park Avenue LASEK.

- Juda B.

I’m glad I made this choice!

I decided to have the laser correction after driving my son to hockey practices for so many nights using glasses and lenses. My husband had done it 2 years earlier and had amazing results. The staff at the clinic were professional and took the time to explain the procedure and recovery steps in great details. I’m glad I made this choice!

- Sang E.

Dr. Chynn is a perfectionist!

Dr. Chynn is a perfectionist. He is a very passionate man and does his best to ensure top notch quality healthcare. I highly recommend him. I chose Doctor Chynn because he is the best eye surgery doctor and is the most highly educated eye surgeon in the New York city tri-state area. Dr.Chynn is a member of MENSA high IQ society and is extremely educated in his field. He is a pioneer in eye surgery and has diplomas from Dartmouth University, Columbia University, and Harvard University. I like Dr. Chynn’s professional attitude as well.

- Francois T.

The money I spent was truly worth it!

Dr. Chynn has done the LASEK surgery for more than 20,000 times (he’s been doing this for around 30 years). He has very thorough knowledge of what happened with my eyes, very careful and meticulous handling during the Operation itself. After the Post-Op, he can predict very accurately what is going to happen with my eyes. He is a truly meticulous surgeon. He expects you to follow every single instruction that he has documented very thoroughly. After surgery, I can see very sharp, very clear even better compared to when I was still wearing glasses. I can read street signs from a mile away which is very awesome. The money I spent was truly worth it.

- Fernando A.

Thank you for everything!

I don’t even know where to start. It goes without saying that Dr. Chynn is literally the most experienced eye surgeon in NYC – the center of the world. He helped invent LASEK and then invented his own procedure, LASIK, that gave people who couldn’t have incision surgeries the ability to see again.

He’s a philanthropist, he goes out of his way to take care of people who may otherwise never have the ability to afford a surgery. He has an Instagram account for his dog and donates a dollar to the ASPCA for each new follower. But above all, and most importantly, Dr. Chynn is statistically the best equipped doctor to take care of your eyes.

The proof is in the books. Our ability to see is invaluable – choosing Dr. Chynn is the best decision you can make for your vision and the future of your vision. Even though he’s first and foremost an eye surgeon, he’s made special appointments for me for recurring eye issues I’ve been experiencing, to explain why they’re happening and prescribe me the correct medication, which saves me a trip to some random walk in clinic. Thank you for everything Emil.

- Vladya H.

Dr. Chynn was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Dr. Chynn was the best decision I’ve ever made. I went to almost every LASIK center in NYC, but none of them could treat me vision because I had both a high prescription AND thin cornea, so they all said it would be unsafe to get LASIK. One day, a coworker who also had an extreme Rx (-15.00, which was significantly worse than my -10.00) said he got his eyes fixed with LASEK by Dr. Chynn. I googled his office and noted his very high ratings. In addition, he graduated from Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Emory, and NYU (I graduated from “just” NYU myself), and had performed over 20,000 procedures, both LASIK and PRK and LASEK.

Dr. Chynn also has the RECORD OF TREATING THE WORLD’S HIGHEST RX OF -24.00 which was important to me, as I was in that “extreme” category myself. I was really excited because I started to think nobody would treat me. So went on to a Free Consultation. I learned that unlike the old LASIK where they cut the cornea, where one can potentially get hit in the eye and it can come off, this is impossible because LASEK is 100% NON-INVASIVE. They remove just the skin of the eye called the epithelium to laser your eyes.

NO CUTTING THE CORNEA, NO FLAP. This is why Park Avenue LASEK can safely treat much higher Rxs than is possible with LASIK, because by skipping the flap-cutting step they have much more cornea to work with. The rest is history.

Now I am seeing better I was seeing in my ugly glasses and expensive ($500/pair) custom contacts, or a perfect 20/20 (before I only saw 20/25)–all thanks to Dr. Chynn!! It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Plus they only charged me $1/day more than what I was spending on glasses/contacts/solutions. Dr. Chynn is available by text 24/7, so whenever I had a question, he was always there, even on weekends/evenings. He is the only laser vision correction surgeon in NYC that allows this, which was important to me, as I was pretty scared, given my extreme Rx. Bottom line: if you were told by some eye doctor that you can’t have LASIK, that may be true–but it also means you should go to Dr. Chynn for a free consultation to see if LASEK might be the answer for you–as it was for me!

- Toshi Y.

Thanks to Dr. Chynn I can see like my contacts

It has been a month since I got my surgery done by Dr. Chynn I could not be happier with the results. My prescription was -12 which means that I was 3 times legally blind, I could not see anything without my glasses or contacts. But thanks to Dr. Chynn I can see like my contacts. I would totally recommend Dr. Chynn. So happy with my results.

- Katherine S.

He’s extremely precise and impeccable in his work!

I choose Dr. Emil Chynn because he is the most famous LASEK surgeon in the world. Through my correspondence with his practice ‘Park Avenue LASEK’, he reassured me by email he’s fixed hundreds of cases like mine & a case like mine would be even “routine” at Park Avenue LASEK. I flew all the way from Switzerland to NYC to have Dr. Chynn fix my eyes because no doctor in Switzerland nor the neighboring countries had any experience fixing someone with Rx -11.00, and after so many consultations there was no doctor in Swiss being able to remove then entire Rx since they all do Lasik (the old laser procedure). While Dr, Chynn was at Harvard, he invented LASEK (which is 10x safer than Lasik). Now, after my post-operational recovery period, I am seeing a perfect 6/6 = 1.0 = 20/20 vision.

When I arrived at Dr. Chynn’s practice, I had my pre-op, confirmed I was a good candidate, had my LASEK, and stayed for a week to have my 1-week postop, by which time I was already seeing BETTER THAN I EVER DID IN GLASSES AND CONTACTS. Dr. Chynn has graduated from the most famous schools in the world, and at the top of his class at these schools. He has high standards for his employees. He’s extremely precise and impeccable in his work for all the patients to have the perfect outcomes they deserve and he is always striving for the best results.

- Elle D.

Amazing results only one month post-op!

I never usually post reviews but I just had to express how happy I am with my one month follow-up visit at Park Avenue LASEK. My prescription was really bad prior to my procedure. I began wearing glasses in first grade. Today my vision is better then 20/20…it’s 20/15! Amazing results only one month post-op! Thanks Dr. Chynn and the team! The team has been great at answering all my questions. Being a nurse I had a lot of clinical questions at all different times of the day. The team was great at answering all my questions. Having access to Dr. Chynn and his team has played a major role in my post op recovery.

- Melody M.

We couldn’t stop telling all our friends!

I met Dr. Chynn on the Tennis Court where he signed up to take lessons at my Tennis Academy. I told him that I just started to wear reading glasses about 2 weeks ago and I hated it because of having to constantly adjust my eyes to different distances. Plus glasses age you an extra 10 years- who wants that? It affected me when I would read on the computer and when I played tennis. I only proceeded with Dr. Chynn after he explained his incredible LASEK procedure did not involve any cutting into the eye, compared to the old harmful Lasik procedure which I’d never consider.

I was so happy with my results, my wife decided she was ready to get rid of her contacts that she wore for 15 years. We were expecting 20-20 vision, but are now shocked to have even better 20-15! We couldn’t stop telling all our friends and tennis students, and now with Dr. Chynn’s generous referral program, we’ve paid for both our procedures. So glad that I met Dr. Chynn, he’s changed our lives forever. I can’t imagine trusting something as precious as your eyes to anyone less than the best.

- Robert F.

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